The end of the 2012 Florida Legislative Session marked the death of alimony reform for the year. That is not to say that Florida alimony reform is dead forever.

The Florida Bar News is reporting that Alan Frischer, head of the the Florida Alimony Reform Group, is preparing once again to lobby for elimination of the concept of permanent alimony, among other things, in the 2013 legislative session. Florida Alimony Reform says that it simply wants parties to be able to move on with their lives following a divorce without the cord of permanent alimony tieing them together.

But Frischer is facing stiff resistance from the Florida Bar’s Family Law Section (full disclosure: I am a member of the Florida’ Bar’s Family Law Section). From the Florida Bar News:

“Our most powerful adversaries are members of The Florida Bar’s…Family Law Section, with whom we negotiated over the bill as they moved through the House and Senate. The group opposed reform, posted a petition on their website that spelled out the individual provisions they opposed, and lobbied hard to convince legislators that reform was not necessary,” said the FAR [Florida Alimony Reform] website.

Family Law Section Chairman David Manz does not hide his strong feeling on Frischer’s proposed reforms:

“We feel it’s a vested interest issue. It’s a thinly disguised attempt to modify alimony…when it really is disgruntled payors who are paying permanent alimony who want to stop paying it.”

All of this means that, come 2013, we should expect new proposals for alimony reform in Florida’s legislative bodies:

The two sides to agree that the battle isn’t over. Manz said he expects more bills to be introduced next year, and the section is already preparing for that, including possibly hiring a PR firm to counter the aggressive campaign in the press by FAR and its supporters.

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