There are a couple ways to find a child to adopt here in Florida. One way is to contact a private adoption agency. There are many reputable adoption agencies here in Orlando and throughout Central Florida.  Adopting through a private adoption agency lets you find and select a specific child, however it can be a very time consuming and costly endeavor.  Another option in finding a child to adopt is to contact the Florida Department of Children and Families, also known as DCF.

Adopting through DCF is a lot cheaper than going through a private adoption agency. If you adopt a child through DCF, the state of Florida will reimburse your adoption expenses (even your attorney’s fees!) up to a certain amount. Now, adopting through DCF is still a long process. You will have to attend classes as well as subject yourself to several interviews and questionnaires. You will also have to complete a home study to make sure you will be a good parent. After the home study, DCF will place the child in your home for a trial period. Once this trial period is concluded, they will sign off on the adoption. During this entire process,  you will be working with your adoption lawyer to prepare documents for an adoption hearing in front of the judge who will sign the Final Judgment of Adoption which officially makes you the child’s parent.

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