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We at The Law Office of Andrew Storie are here to represent you and we offer a wide variety of Legal Services to meet your needs. In addition to divorce, our clients very often are in need of adoptions, paternity cases, custody, name changes, modifications, alimony / child support assistance, and much more. We differ from the other law firms in that we get to the underlying issues in a conflict and map out a strategy with a goal of reaching a quicker resolution that is in the best interest of everyone.

Our belief is that our clients’ rights are worth fighting for. When you consult with an attorney about any issue, you are taking the first and most important step towards making a meaningful change in your life. The Law Office of Andrew Storie has resolved thousands of cases fighting for personal rights and the rights of children. We are prepared to answer your questions, take the time to listen to your concerns, and help you take that first step to changing your life.

Contact the Law Office of Andrew Storie today to schedule a free consultation We are here for you and can answer your questions, explain legal options, and help you move forward. The hiring of an attorney is an important decision and the Law Office of Andrew Storie is available to you as your advocate, resource, and partner.