The purpose of a name is to identify a person. So long as a person does not intend to evade identification or perpetrate a fraud, a person may legally change their name.

Changing the name of an Adult:

Through a Divorce:

Florida law allows women to change their name as part of their divorce. The request to change her name is included in her petition or counter petition for dissolution. Her name change will become incorporated into the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage.

Not through a Divorce:

Florida law allows a person to change their name. In order to do so, they must file a verified petition establishing:

  • They are a resident in the county the petition is filed

  • The date and place of birth, their residence since birth and the names of their parents

  • The name of their spouse (if any) and the names and residences of any children

  • Any prior name changes

  • Their occupation and places of employment for the past five years

  • Any other names or alias which the petitioner has been known or called by

  • Date and place of any adjudication of bankruptcy

  • Date and place of any felony conviction

  • Date and place of any money judgment entered against the petitioner.

  • That the name change is not for fraudulent or illegal purposes and that the change will not invade the property rights of others

  • That the petitioner’s civil rights have not been suspended or, if suspended, that they have been fully restored.