It is not uncommon for previously unforeseen financial or other circumstances to change following a divorce. Accordingly, sometimes a divorce agreement that works at the time of a divorce no longer if fitting to the current situation.

When this is the case, one or both parties involved may request a modification of the standing court order. This post-divorce modification request can be an amicable choice between both parties, or a petition brought by either party involved.

In the State of Florida, post-divorce modifications typically involve:

  • Child Custody – Visitation Modifications;

  • Child Support Modifications;

  • Alimony Modifications.

Common causes for seeking a post-divorce modification to a standing court order may include, but are not limited to:

  • Loss of Employment

  • Business Failure

  • Economic Downturn

  • Illness

  • Ex-Spouse Re-Married

  • Physical Illness

  • Out of State Relocation

  • Moving Elsewhere in Florida

  • Obtaining a New Job

  • Change in Dependant’s Status

  • Death

When a post-divorce modification is being contested, the person seeking the modification must effectively show the court the modification is warranted, necessary, and does not put the other party into a position of financial hardship.

Circumstances and situations change. Sometimes they change for the better and sometimes they change for the worse. Call us to discuss what your options are and to see how we can help.