Property division is not always as simple as it seems.

For example, often times one party is adament on keeping the family home.

To achieve an equal split of the total marital assets this means that all the other assets (Retiremnet/401k beneifits, stocks, furniture, cars) are given to the other spouse.

What may appear to be a fair, even split on paper sometimes isn’t so even over the long haul.

Pensions and financial accounts do not require maintenance and typically will appreciate over time.

Real estate may well appreciate too over time, but as the current economic climate shows, can depreciate quire rapidly. But, even if the real estate appreciates over time, it can also demand significant maintenance and upkeep expenses (new roof, air conditioning, etc) as well as routine mortgage service, property taxes and insurance.

Financially less sophisticated spouses often don’t fully appreciate how these costs and expenses can mount.

Before long, they may be forced to sell the home anyway. At a price the market will bear. If they can. The outcome is not always positive, and they may lose the home outright to foreclosure.

One option is that both spouses continue to share ownership and expenses of the home until their youngest child is emancipated or another agreed time, and then split the proceeds upon sale.

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