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Adoption in Central Florida

Child Adoption can be very complicated, emotional, frustrating, but most importantly: personally rewarding. When a child is adopted, you are taking responsibility for the life of that child. The courts and the child alike are placing their trust in you to ensure the child’s safety and well being. It’s a huge commitment and one that should not be entered into lightly.

mother and her two children

Need to Know Checklist

  1. An unmarried, biological father may not be able to stop an adoption unless he has registered with the Florida Putative Father registry.
  2. Adoption is a two-step process in Florida. First parental rights must be terminated and then the adoption proceeding can begin.
  3. Adoptive parents generally have to submit to a home study.
  4. Grandparents and Step Parents do not have to submit to a home study.

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The Law Office of Andrew Storie has dealt with a myriad of different types of adoptions ranging from step-parent adoptions, biological adoptions (related child to grandparent, aunt, uncle, or other biological family members) to non-relative adoptions. We can help with your adoption and ensure that the process is handled in a delicate and discrete manner.

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