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Child Custody Litigation

Child custody and visitation can often be the most challenging part of a divorce for any married or unmarried couple.

When the parents can’t decide on how to raise the children or how to establish a time-sharing or visitation schedule, Florida law empowers the court to make that decision for you. Under Florida law, both parents have a right to shared parental responsibility, except in cases in which it would be detrimental to the child or children. Detriment to the child is very rare. The Court will then craft a Parenting Plan with a time-sharing scheduled based upon the best interest of the children. The court considers the child custody factors laid out in Florida Statute 61.13.

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Need to Know Checklist

  1. There is no such thing as “custody” or “visitation” in Florida, the Court will fashion a Parenting Plan and a timesharing schedule.
  2. Unmarried fathers have very few rights until a court makes them the legal father and grants them rights.
  3. The court is going to require you and the other parent to mediate before you ever go to trial
  4. A child cannot choose where they want to live until they are 18.
  5. Once a timesharing schedule has been ordered by a court, the children cannot be relocated outside a fifty-mile radius without the written consent of the other parent or a court order.

Contact Our Office Today

The Law Office of Andrew Storie is your advocate in child custody. We know how frustrating the custody process can be and how it can be emotionally draining. Our team has handled hundreds of custody cases, always with the intent of working towards what is best for the child, while ensuring parents visitation rights are respected and enforced. We will work with you in crafting or demanding a Parenting Plan that includes a time-sharing schedule for life’s day to day activities as well as a holiday time-sharing schedule. Although child custody disputes can be emotionally charged, it’s crucial to stay calm, reasonable, and focused on the needs of the child. Aggressive, belligerent, or antagonistic behavior in the custody process could cost you custody or even limit your visitation/time-sharing.

Contact our office today to discuss your situation to see what we can do to help you. We have proudly helped hundreds of families in Orlando and throughout Central Florida with their child custody and time-sharing issues.

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