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What Is a Guardian Ad Litem?

A Guardian ad Litem is an attorney appointed by the court to investigate a situation — whether a divorce, parental rights action, child protective case or guardianship proceedings — and report to the court. The Guardian ad Litem focuses solely on the best interests of the child.

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What Is the Best Interest of the Child?

The standard a Court uses in making any determination regarding children is the best interest of the child. This standard is codified by state statute. All recommendations must be made through the filter of “What is best for the child?” A Guardian ad Litem will carefully examine a situation by taking numerous factors into consideration as set out in Florida Statute §61.13. These factors include but are not limited to the child’s relationship with each parent, the parent’s relationship with each other and the stability of each parent’s living situation.

By examining these and other factors, a Guardian ad Litem provides a thoughtful and well-investigated recommendation that adheres to the best interest standard, as set forth in Florida law.

Andrew G. Storie has been providing Guardian Ad Litem services in divorce and family law cases since 2009. If you or someone is in need of a Guardian Ad Litem for their divorce or family law situation, please contact us at 407-838-0887.

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