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Injunction for Protection

A restraining order, also referred to as a domestic violence injunction is an order of protection, typically ordered due to domestic violence, repeated violent acts or threats, date violence, or sexual violence.

Florida Law allows victims to file for an Injunction for Protection, which prohibits the aggressor from coming within 500 feet of the victim, contacting the victim in any way (even through third parties) and numerous other potential protections. For those who are married or have children together, the injunction process may provide for temporary support and can even order the aggressor into counseling.

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Our Experienced Attorneys Can Help

Unfortunately, some people file an Injunction for Protection not because they are victims of violence but rather to gain the upper hand in a divorce or custody dispute. If you have been the victim of domestic, dating, sexual or repeat violence or have been accused of committing domestic, dating, sexual or repeat violence , the Law Office of Andrew G. Storie can help. Whether you seek an injunction or need to defend an injunction, our experienced attorneys can help!

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