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Easily Reach a Final Resolution in Your Divorce

What if you could reach a final resolution with your spouse (or your child’s other parent) without expensive attorney’s fees and excessive time spent in court? With a family law mediator, you can reach a complete agreement that is acceptable for both parties. Andrew G. Storie has been a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator since 2009 and has mediated divorce and family law cases for families in Orlando and all of Central Florida. Andrew has also served as a court-appointed mediator in Lake, Marion, Sumter and Citrus counties. For mediation services involving divorce, child custody, child support or other family issues in Orlando and all of Central Florida, contact the Law Office of Andrew G. Storie

father with daughter on shoulders

Other Mediation Services Provided Are:

  • Divorce Mediation Services
  • Family Law Mediation Services
  • Child Custody Mediation Services
  • Child Support Mediation
  • Child Paternity Mediation Services
  • Parenting Plan Mediation Services
  • Marital Property Mediation Services
  • Alimony Mediation Services
  • Minor Child Mediation Services
  • Post Judgment Modification Mediation Services

Save Time and Money

Mediation Services with Andrew G. Storie can help you reach an out of court settlement for alot less than a traditional divorce. The mediation process can be as short as a few hours rather than the months and years a divorce can drag out through court.

Resolve Your Issues Privately

Many people chose out of court mediation services because it will avoid a lengthy court battle and save time and money. It also allows you and the other party to chose what is the best outcome for you and your family rather than leaving it up to the government to decide it for you. Another benefit is that mediation is confidential – you wont have to bring up private details in a public setting (court).

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